金 恩周 / Kim Eun Ju / 김은주

再び、春 / Again, SPRING / 다시,봄

Totem Pole Photo Gallery + YART Gallery 企画 日韓交流展

2022.8.9 (tue) – 8.21 (sun)

Open 12:00 – 19:00 Closed Mondays



金 恩周

[Statement in English]In April when camellia, rapeseed and cherry blossoms bust out, Jeju becomes an island full of spring flowers. The view of Jeju 70 years ago would not have been much different from now. Spring came back in that year of Jeju 4 · 3, but the warmth of the season only melted the frozen ground, and didn’t reach the people stepping on it.
    There were many villages swallowed by the flames of ideology. The weak civilians were wounded and collapsed. The devastation that has occurred throughout Jeju remains as scars of many people even after 70 years, reminding us of the pain. There are only few survivors who have survived to date and testify about the incident now. Psychological and physical trauma has always followed the survivors like shadow, and they still have to endure each day. In the hearts of the bereaved family, sadness of losing family, husband, and child is filled like camellia red flowers In April. 
    It was a place where the surviving victims or bereaved families wanted to avoid. It was not easy to find traces of the past, covered by the years. It is also rare to trace back memory and find a place that preserved its former appearance. Photo shooting at the historic incident is an act of confronting the time, and recall the agonizing memory they experienced in the past. Nostalgia arose from the wrinkled eyes of a wife who had lost her husband and from the back of a son who misses his father. The tears of a brother, who had lost his newborn orphan baby in his arms, flowed constantly. 
    During the period of filming, I hoped that it would be a time for people to heal their wounds in the process of confronting their memories. Because they did not forget anything, I stood together with them in hope that many people who live today will also remember the red scar that blooms in the heart of Jeju year after year. Through photographs, I hope to vividly document the reality of confrontation with history and suffering pain of individuals.
    In the midst of winter, waiting for spring…

Kim Eun Ju

Photography Art Major, Kaywon School of Art and Design
Digital Photography Major, Department of Plastic Art & Photography Department, Chung-Ang University Graduate School

Solo Exhibitions
2022 May Mother, and the Trauma, The May 18 Democratic Uprising Archives,Jeonil Building 245, Gwangju, Korea
2021  Again, Spring, YArt Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2020  That Summer, Nogunri, KP Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2019  May Mothers, Gallery Bresson, Seoul, Korea
2019  That Day, The 2nd “Herstory”, Gwangju Foundation for Women, Gwangju, Korea
2018  Again, Spring, Jeju 4·3 Peace Foundation, Jeju, Korea
2018  Backpacks Tell Who You Are, H:SPACE Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2015  Mothers, Bitgoeul Citizen Cultural Center, Gwangju Cultural Foundation, Gwangju, Korea 
2014  May Mother’s Day, A-one Photo Gallery, Anyang, Korea 
2011  May Mother’s Day, Bitgoeul Citizen Cultural Center, Gwangju Cultural Foundation, Gwangju, Korea
2011  May Mother’s Day, One Gallery, Gwangju, Korea

Selected Group Exhibitions
2021  Unhealed Light, 2021 Gwangju Design Biennale, Gwangju, Korea
2018  The 5th Suwon International Photo Festival, Haeum Museum of Art, Suwon, Korea
2018  The Exhibition on Peace and Human Rights in East Asia for 70th Anniversary of 4·3 From Silence to Shouting, Jeju 4·3 Peace Memorial Hall, Jeju, Korea
2015  Pre-Women’s Photo Festival Melancholy, Enjoy Your Symptoms!, SPACE22, Seoul
2015  Group 273-8 #3 The First Departure, Gallery273, Seoul, Korea
2014  The Special Project for the 20th Anniversary of the Gwangju Biennale Sweet Dew, Since 1980, The Family of May Performance Exhibition Planning, Gwangju, Korea
2013  Hurroo Hurroo, Goeun Museum of Photography, Busan, Korea

2019  The Final Photographer Award, Gwangju Foundation for Women the 2nd Herstory, Korea

2022  The Light of May, YART
2020  Agian, Spring, Noonbit

Embassy of the Argentine Republic in Korea 
May Mothers’ House