This Game We Play

Giovanni Pascarella / ジョバンニ パスカレッラ

This Game We Play

2018.2.6 (tue) – 2.11 (sun)

Open 12:00 – 19:00

Two years ago I started collecting vernacular photography albums and negatives sold at auctions, mostly from the Showa era and all of unknown provenance.
I was initially attracted by the apparently unpretentious approach to photography that these non-
professional photographers were revealing in their snapshots.
Little was known to me about these photographs if not at times a few details contained in the images themselves: famous places in Japan or shops windows were sometimes revealing at least the identity of the locations where the pictures had been taken.
As a photographer myself, living with these images has led me to understand that deprived from their subjective value
photographs are pages of a universal diary about how we engage with the world and with life itself through a seamless iteration of faces, things and places that mean something to us.

In this exhibition prints of my own pictures and prints of found negatives are merged into a sequence that plays with the sense of time and offers a naked perspective about the power of photography itself.




Giovanni Pascarella

1979 Born in Napoli, Italy
2010 Moved to Japan (Tsurumi, Yokohama)