Transparent White

Li Wuxin、Wang Yiduo、Yang Wuwen / Li Yuxin, Wang Yiduo, Yang Yuwen

Transparent White

2023.6.6 (Tue) ; 6.18 (Sun)

Open 12:00 – 19:00 Closed Mondays

What is "white"、A color that includes all colors of light in the spectrum、What is "transparent"、matter through light、refers to the state of being able to see what lies beyond。What you see there changes depending on what lies beyond。

 ;In this exhibition, three artists working on their respective works、oil painting in common space,sculpture、An exhibition of photographic works。

 ;flat or three-dimensional、There is an independent world view behind each work。 3Two different worldviews collide、fused、By being reborn in this space、What kind of spark will eventually fly、What colors will be used in this space?。

 ;The "transparent white" on the other side will answer。

Yang Wuwen / Yang Yuwen

Li Wuxin /  ;Li Yuxin
1997year born on earth
2022Graduated from Tokyo Design College
Currently enrolled at Joshibi University of Art and Design

王 一多  ;/ Wang Yiduo
From Jilin Province, China
2021Graduated from Yokohama Art University Sculpture Course
2023Completed a research student majoring in sculpture at Kanazawa College of Art
2021Kanazawa Sculpture Festival, Ishikawa
2021Year Sculpture の5·7·5 — HAIKU Sculpture Exhibition ・Taiwan
2022Kanemi Selected Exhibition in Wholesale Town, Ishikawa
2023'Dreem and Parallelworlds' solo exhibition, Ishikawa
2023The 79th Modern Art Exhibition