WOMXN / ウィミン

DEBY SUCHA / デビ・スチャ

WOMXN / ウィミン

2019.7.2 (tue) – 7.7 (sun)

Open 12:00 – 19:00


A document of female-identifying subjects from different projects when I’m home and away; a portrait of my sister just one day before her wedding ceremony, a transgender couple,
women with Alopecia disorder, and highlights and the horrors of my transit days.
Everything is captured in small pieces as a part of a larger story, pictures that are asking
questions and will provoke more questions.



My name is Deby Sucha, born in 1987, Jakarta, Indonesia.
My enthusiasm for travel to go somewhere new has moved me to Japan in 2013. I spent a past few years travelling around Japan and some other countries learning about different peoples and cultures. I found Japan is very welcoming to live in, but I need to keep myself challenged and out of the regular routines.
I learn something, from spending my time to get to know my subjects and their environment. I aim for those who view my pictures to feel like they were actually there, to feel the energy of people who live on the other side of the globe. In 2017 I graduated from Tokyo Visual Arts and I continue working as an independent photographer for commercial, editorial, and my documentary projects.